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"Educa-Trainer" Incentive Program
(earn from 23€ - 27€ per hour)


If you are a teacher or trainer who does not want to sit back and wait for clients, Educa-training has an attractive option for you:

Through the European Social Fund, Educa-training is able to offer your services to Spanish companies free of charge.*  That's right, free of charge. The Spanish government offers this as an incentive for companies to train employees. As a teacher, you can benefit directly from the program.

How does it work?

You simply spread the word and offer your (free) training services to companies that are convenient for you to reach. When you identify a prospect, our staff will follow up with a phone call to do all the explaining and preparation. When the classes start, we will process the grants on behalf of your students, provide you with all the administrative support you need (material, student background information, course objectives, etc.) and pay you 25% higher than our normal rates.

Fact: There are more than 2 million small and medium-sized companies in Spain. The vast majority of these companies do not know that this program exists. If you help us get the word out, your students will be grateful and you will earn a lot more money than the national average of 14-18€/hour.

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* You can learn more about  Spain's ESF-funded Employee Training and Development program here.

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