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The purpose of this pre-interview site is to save you time and to make sure there is a correct fit between us before you request an interview. Please read through the three steps of this site carefully.

Educa-system is Spain's award-winning pioneer in at-home educational services. We offer individualized instruction for children and adults in virtually any subject under the sun. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we are ISO 9001-2000 certified for the quality of our teacher selection process. Visit our website.

Educa-training is an affiliate of Educa-system and offers a broad range of in-company training in languages, computers, accounting, human resources, sales, and management consulting in general.
Visit our website.

Incentive Program: Educa-training offers teachers and trainers the ability to earn a higher pay rate by offering their services directly to Spanish companies. Read the details here.

Please take note: We do not hire teachers directly. We interview and select qualified individuals for admission into our network of freelance collaborators. We then use our database to contact individuals when we have a specific offer that matches their professional profile and schedule. Some of our collaborators maintain a full-time schedule with us, but most have second jobs or are engaged in other professional or artistic pursuits.

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