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Educa-training Teacher Incentive Program
Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I have to sell?

    • You do need to make a good impression but, no, you do not need to sell. You will simply walk into companies in your area, say hello in English or Spanish, and leave a flyer for the person in charge. We will follow up with a phone call or a visit to do all the selling.

  2. If I find my own students, why do I need Educa-training?

    • Because it's a lot easier to sell yourself at 0€/hour than it is to sell yourself at 23€/hour. (If you don't believe us, try it.)

  3. This sounds too good to be tue. Are the classes really free?

    • Yes, this is part of a European-wide, multi-billion-euro effort to make the EU one of the most competitive and healthy economic regions of the world. If four or more students sign up, the classes are totally free. With 1-3 students, the funding covers from 30% to 90% of the price.

  4. Can I process the government grants myself?

    • Yes. It's very time-consuming and beaurocratic, but participation in the program is open to the general public. You can read all the details at

  5. How will Educa-training help me?

    • We will send you flyers and promotional material that you can hand out. We will also give you a list of target companies in your neighbohood and some tips on how to approach them.  And when you find students, we will take care of the laborious paperwork process. If there is anything else that you need, just ask. We want you to feel that we are behind you.

  6. What is the acceptance rate?

    • 99.9% of companies are receptive, 60% will ask for more information, and 15% will sign on.

  7. If a company decides to sign on, how long does it take to start the classes?

    • It depends on the company's workload. The average wait is about 2 weeks.

  8. Do I need to interview?

    • Teachers in Barcelona and Madrid must be interviewed very briefly in person. Teachers in all other cities of Spain must interview by phone and/or webcam.

  9. Does a teacher have to be certified?

    • No, but certification always helps. In any case, a college degree is required.

  10. Can Non-Europeon Union teachers without a NIE participate?

    •  If you have a passport and are in Spain as a graduate student or tourist, yes.

  11. Does a teacher need to speak Spanish?

    • No, the flyer (and a little sign language) will explain it all. If you can uttter a sentence or two in Spanish, it helps. If you are fluent in Spanish, more power to you.

  12. What kind of teachers do best with this?

    • Very simply, teachers who get the word out. If you are consistent about spreading the word and offering the service, it's guaranteed, you will find students. 

  13. Which companies qualify?

    • Any and all companies with one or more workers who are up-to-date with their Social Security taxes.

  14. How much grant money does a company have available?

    • It depends on the size of the company. The least amount of money available for a company with 1-5 employees is 420€. Companies with 10 employees can have from 1.000€ to 2.000€/year. Companies with 50 employees can have between 3.000€ and 5.000€ per year. Companies with 100 employees can have between 7.000 and 12.000€/year.

  15. What is the ideal company profile?

    • Our experience tells us that companies with 6-199 employees are the best prospects. Companies with 1-5 employees have relatively little credit, and larger companies usually have an HR person who processes all government rebates internally. In any case, there are small companies who continue their classes long after the funding is gone, and there are very large companies who simply don't know or have the administrative know-how to process the government rebates.

  16. How will I know if a company calls?

    • Your name and contact information will be on the flyers. Companies  will contact you directly. If the company contacts us, we will get in touch with you to confirm your ability to teach the classes.

  17. What if I am not available to teach the class?

    • We will hire another teacher at the normal pay rate and you will get the commission on the class (from 5€ to 13€/hour) for the duration of the course. The typical course duration is 30 hours.

  18. Are these grants available only for English classes?

    • No. They are applicable to all vocational and professional training areas, including all languages.

  19. Can I team up with other teachers to visit companies?

    • Yes, of course. If you would like to pair up with other Educa-training teachers for this, please let us know and we will put you in touch.

  20. What if my question is not answered here?

  21. What am I waiting for?

    • We're not sure.

  22. Where do I start?

    • First, complete your online application here. If you have an acceptable profile, we will send you the material to get started. Simply print the material and visit companies in your area to spread the word. After you have visited several companies, contact us to let us know how you are doing and which companies you have visited. We will follow your visits up with a phone call to gauge interest. If the company is interested in starting, or in a 30-minute demo class, we will call you.


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