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Please Read the Highlights of our Merchant Agreement Before you Request or Confirm an Interview
(you will be asked to sign a copy at your interview)


A. EDUCA-NET is a network of independent collaborators who meet high educational and/or certification standards and have pockets of free time to teach.

B. By signing this document, the UNDERSIGNED agrees to form part of the EDUCA-NET network and may be contacted with offers to teach at the times and locations indicated by EDUCA-NET, under the terms and conditions described herein and in other written forms provided to the UNDERSIGNED by EDUCA-NET.

                                                                                                        Procedural Overview

C. The UNDERSIGNED will conduct classes according to method described to and/or prescribed by EDUCA-NET.

D. Unless otherwise specified, the UNDERSIGNED assumes all costs associated with service delivery, including transportation, carbon copies, insurance, etc.

E. The UNDERSIGNED will receive an agreed-upon hourly rate of pay plus a bonus rate of 2€ per hour of class. The fixed hourly rate varies according to experience, present market value of the services requested, level of instruction and the distance of the classes from the nearest metropolitan area. The bonus pay is conditional upon satisfactory compliance with each of the following:

a.) An initial, written evaluation of all student(s). (Unless specified as unnecessary)

b.) A periodic written report of student progress as requested by EDUCA-NET.

c.) A final written evaluation of all student(s).

d.) Satisfactory compliance with all of the policies and procedures communicated to the UNDERSIGNED in the "Welcome Manual".

F. After the final class for any given month, the UNDERSIGNED must log into the intranet to cash all pending check stubs (Educa-system) and/or send the signed attendance sheet(s) (Educa-training) via fax, email or by regular post to EDUCA-NET. If a check-stub or signature is not provided, the UNDERSIGNED may forfeit partial or total payment for the service in question.

G. In accordance with Spanish law, pay may be partially or completely withheld under the following conditions:

a) If the UNDERSIGNED fails to notify EDUCA-NET in writing of his or her inability to continue with the classes with an advanced notice of at least 15 complete working days.

H. The UNDERSIGNED will be paid in full for services that are cancelled by the customer with less than 24-hours notice.

I. If the UNDERSIGNED is late or cancels a scheduled class with less than 24 hours notice, the UNDERSIGNED commits to deliver one hour of free instruction on another day.

J. Any tardiness, request by the UNDERSIGNED to change, or request by the UNDERSIGNED to cancel a regularly scheduled class must be made via email to EDUCA-NET at least 24 hours in advance or bonus pay will not apply for the month in question.

K. The UNDERSIGNED must notify EDUCA-NET immediately of any development, change of plan, illness, etc. which renders him or her unable to continue with the assigned classes. In case of illness, the UNDERSIGNED must present proper medical documentation. In the absence of such documentation, the UNDERSIGNED may suffer the forfeiture of his or her pay.

L. EDUCA-NET reserves the right to partially or completely withhold pay if the UNDERSIGNED partakes in behavior that could damage the image or reputation of EDUCA-NET or its clients.

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